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Protection against the sun

We have a variety of pharmaceutical sunscreens with a high safety profile to protect against UVB and UVA radiation, using special natural filters, without allergen properties, that provide absolute protection.


Diapoulis Pharmacy

Pharmacy Andros

At our pharmacy, located at the beginning of the pedestrian street of the city of Andros, you can find medicine, pharmaceutical products, veterinary products, medical devices, dermatological cosmetics, baby products, orthopaedics, food supplements and oral hygiene care products. The pharmacist Aristotelis Diapoulis and his team are readily available to provide you with health advice for you and your family.

Chilly's Bottles


Korres Promo White Pine Tree

From €39.90 ONLY €31.90

Sostar Hand Gel



Cleansing Foam 300ml - Face & Eyes

From €14.90 €12.90

Korres Syrup


Perfume Indaco ( For men & women )

From €27.70 ONLY €19.40

Korres Showergel

From €6.20 ONLY €5

Polysianes Creme De Monoi 200ml

From €20 ONLY €14

Caudalie Huile Divine Dry Moisturizing Oil


A corner dedicated to mothers and our little friends. Find milk, diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles and special skin cosmetics suitable for baby skin!