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Baby Corner

Baby Care

At Diapoulis Pharmacy, we are aware of the increased needs and requirements of infant development. It is important for us to make your daily life easier. That’s why we created a complete baby care corner.

We have suggestions for all the issues regarding baby equipment and we find solutions to any difficulties you may encounter. The companies we work with are Chicco, Mam, Nuk, Suavinex, Avent, munchkin.

The infants’ nutritional particularities is covered by a wide variety of milk and special foods. Nan, Fryzolac, Novalac, Humana, Fryzomel, Frezylac are found in abundance in the special area.

Your baby’s sensitive skin needs care. Thanks to the nutritional moisturizing and soothing properties of the baby series we have, we can guide you responsibly concerning your child’s sensitivities. Klorane Bebe, Frezyderm, A-Derma, Mustella, Anna Geddes, Fissan are the companies that both we and most paediatricians trust. We ask you to trust us, because we think just like you.

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