Diapoulis Pharmacy

Department of Medicine

Human Use Drugs

At our pharmacy, in the medicine department, the pharmacists can accurately dispense your doctor’s prescription and insurance fund. They can give you detailed instructions on how to administer and advise you on possible side effects. There is a possibility of training for their proper use. We emphasize the basic principles of self-care, i.e. the use of OTC for the treatment of mild health problems without the necessary intervention of the doctor but with the advice of the pharmacist. There is a special section in the pharmacy where we can perform your seasonal vaccination, take care of a small injury or train you in measuring your sugar levels and blood pressure.

Veterinary Medicine

Our great love for pets led us to our intensive preoccupation for the proper care and use of veterinary products. Our pharmacy, in addition to being a pet friendly area, has a special license for the sale of medicine for veterinary use. We have a variety of pesticides, insect repellents, dietary supplements, antibiotics, vaccines and painkillers.

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