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Special Products

Chillys Bottle

Chillys was founded in 2010 by James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle to offer the world a solution to having ice water readily available without having to buy disposable plastic bottles.
The result was the Chillys bottles; a modern and fashionable product designed to combine the ease of the plastic bottle with the high performance and ecological advantages of the traditional bottle.

Chillys’ mission is to adopt and use reusable products on a daily basis. For this purpose, they design products for the modern way of life, balancing a distinctive design with unparalleled performance.


L’ Erbolario was born in Lodi in 1978 and uses ingredients exclusively to plant origin, with beautiful perfumes and presentable packaging. At our pharmacy, you will get to know the fine perfumes and their refined packaging, inspired by the botanical
paintings of the old Botany books, with Milanese finesse.

Perfumes are extracted from exotic herbs and aromatic flowers, which evoke senses reminiscent of spicy mystery, the purity of the sea, childlike innocence or sweet memory.

Anatomical Shoes

They are specially designed shoes to relieve the discomfort associated with many foot and ankle disorders. Our pharmacy cooperates exclusively with Levels Anatomic.

The company stands out for their affordable prices, the durability of its shoes as well as their exceptional comfort as they have MemoryFoam technology.

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