Diapoulis Pharmacy in Andros

Diapoulis Pharmacy was founded in March 1980 by pharmacist Eleni Tsatsomirou Diapouli. Today, pharmacist Aristotelis Diapoulis is responsible for its operation. After two consecutive relocations, from May 2019, it operates in a modern space of 130 sq.m, located at the beginning of the pedestrian street of the city of Andros. The pharmacy is located in a convenient location, with two entrances, one from the main pedestrian street of the city and one from the paved road, 50 meters from Andros Health Centre. We are open from 8.00-15:30 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and 08:00-15:30 08:00-21:30 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Variety in medical-pharmaceutical products

In our store, you can find medicine, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, dermatological cosmetics, herbal cosmetics, baby products, orthopaedics, homoeopathic medicines, food supplements, personal and oral hygiene care products.

Diapoulis Pharmacy

Our mission is "Living Well"

Eleni’s 40+ years of experience, combined with Aristotelis’ and his team’s enthusiasm and passion, ensures a high level of health and beauty products and services readily available for you and your family. Because of our love for the pharmaceutical sciences and our human-central perception, our main goal is to encourage you to live well.

Certifications: Our pharmacy is certified for seasonal vaccination and anti-tetanus serum readily available for our customers. Protocol Number: 2000863

Our Team

Eleni Tsatsomirou - Diapouli

Pharmacist Founder of Diapoulis Pharmacy in 1980. She finished high school in Arsakeio Tositseio in Ekali, Athens. She studied and graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in the department of pharmacy in 1978. She continues to offer her knowledge and extensive experience mainly through counselling, self-care in cosmetology and veterinary medicine.

Aristotelis Diapoulis

He studied and graduated from the University of Patras, initially at the Department of Chemistry (1997-2001) and then at the same university at the Department of Pharmacy (2001-2005). He dealt with Parkinson’s disease when writing his dissertation. Since 2006 he has been working at Eleni Tsatsomirou Diapouli family pharmacy, in charge of the pharmacy from 2011 until today. As a restless spirit, he continuously keeps himself informed about the advances in health care.

Anna Kolida

Anna Kolida has been working at our pharmacy as an assistant, in the department of medicine and counselling services since June 2002. She has attended cosmetology seminars too.

Rafaelia Mpouzo

Born in 1991 in Athens, Rafaelia graduated from the General High School of Andros. She pursued studies as a Drug Technician and graduated in 2011. She also continued her studies in Pharmacy at the University of Tirana where she graduated in 2017. She has worked in private pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Since 2017, she has been working at Diapoulis Pharmacy. She speaks fluent English, Albanian and French.

Katerina Stefanou

Born in 1993 in Athens, Katerina graduated from the General High School of Andros 2011. She has been working at Diapoulis Pharmacy since 2014. She is responsible for ordering and pricing, while assisting the medicine department of the pharmacy.